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Let’s move into action and create joint impact together.

  1. Get to know each other - for WWF offices and Impact Hubs.

    Start with getting in touch with the team coordinating this partnership via the simple form at the bottom of this page.

    We will connect you with an Impact Hub or WWF office in your country or region.

    It’s best if you meet in person to learn more about WWF and Impact Hub in your country and begin to explore what you have in common or which themes you would like to address together.

    If you’d like, we’d be glad to facilitate these initial conversations.

  2. Sketch out an initial concept

    Set up a partnership workshop to better understand the issue you’re aiming to tackle and get a sense of what could be the right approach. You have a few different options how to get to a joint initiative:

    1. Choose an activity from the toolkit and tailor it to fit your local context. As the toolkit has been built from activities we have done previously, we’d be glad to share our previous experience & lessons learned. You can also combine different parts of the toolkit.
    2. If you already have a successful project/program and you’d like to bring it into this partnership, let us know! We can help you expand it to more locations.
    3. You can also take a completely different approach that’s never been done before. If you’d like, we’d be glad to assist in its design.
  3. Build out your project together

    Start planning your project together, leveraging the combined skills and knowledge of WWF and Impact Hub. Once you understand the scope, outline an initial budget and discuss where the funding could come from. To date, we have taken a variety of approaches reaching from fully externally-funded projects (e.g. Innovate4climate or Impact in the Forests), co-funded projects by WWF and external partners (e.g. the Fellowship Program in the Philippines). Some projects have also been fully funded by WWF.

    We’d be glad to advise you on the right approach and share funding proposals that have succeeded before. For selected projects, we will also deploy our regional or global fundraising resources.

    If you’re developing a brand new initiative, plan for a sufficient time & resources for the design. In case of more complex projects, a feasibility study may also be needed.

    If your project is of regional or global scope, we can also assist in its coordination and promotion. Please let us know before you finalise the project planning.

  4. Take action & share the story

    As you move into action and start tackling the challenge you set out to address, keep sharing your progress, results and lessons learned. Your experience will be very valuable for others engaged in our partnership.

    If your project is of regional or global scope, we can also assist in coordination and promotion – let us know when planning the project

Get in Touch

If you want to learn more reach out to the WWF & Impact Hub Partnership Lead: Anne under [email protected]

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