Fellowship Program Supports Sustainable Energy Solutions in the Phillippinnes

How did the collaboration begin?

Driving innovation and sustainability to create a positively-impactful life: it is for this very reason that Impact Hub Manila, WWF Philippines, the Peace & Equity Foundation (PEF), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) decided to collaborate in finding solutions for pressing renewable energy challenges. The vision to educate, encourage, and empower energy entrepreneurship in the country was aligned and strong with one another.

After the historic Paris climate agreements in November 2015, there has been a growing interest in the role of clean technology entrepreneurship and innovation including sustainable energy as an essential tool to reach climate change goals. All the partners firmly believe that energy production and consumption threatens not only health and quality of life, but also biodiversity, ecosystems, and climate change; hence sustainable energy will be the driving force for reducing poverty as well as promoting social progress, equity, enhanced resilience, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.

What was the approach of the event?

WWF, PEF, and ADB together with Impact Hub Manila support the best and most innovative ideas and business enterprises which address the need for sustainable energy solutions through the Impact Hub Fellowship. This incubation program for startups has a unique focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, access to energy, off­grid solutions, energy systems, and energy consumption reduction. Participants were given the chance to win seed funding, skill-development trainings, mentorships, valuable networks, and access to five stimulating workspaces through our collaboration with KMC Solutions.

From 53 applications to 12 semi-finalists to eight finalists, three startups emerged as the program’s official fellows: Solar Solutions (Solar Sari-Sari Store), CleverHeat, and HiGi.

What did WWF and Impact Hub bring to the table?

WWF Switzerland and Impact Hub Manila started the conversation through the Impact Hub Fellowship Association. The support they gave was massive. Impact Hub Manila brought in other valuable partners: Peace & Equity Foundation and Asian Development Bank to further expand the value, the importance, and the collaboration of the possibilities that WWF Switzerland opened. It was unanimously decided that the Impact Hub Fellowship will be used to contribute and bring awareness as well to the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals. With that, the topic of focusing on Renewable Energy was decided by all the partners jointly. Furthermore, Impact Hub Manila tapped into the diverse, local networks to bring in relevant startups to apply for the program, provided an avenue for coworking through the 5 locations of workspaces with KMC Solutions, took on the execution of the program, provided the incubation for the startups, led the coordination with local and global mentors, and took part in the marketing of the program.

What were the outcomes?

  1. Awareness – The need for sustainable solutions relating to renewable energy was raised through the different online and offline channels available within all the partners, the exposure for the startups and for the topic was made known.
  2. Promotion – the importance and the need to achieve the sustainable development goals was made evident. Furthermore, the program boosted the existence of startups that have a passion to create impact both socially and environmentally.
  3. Connections – the program introduced startups to key actors such as investors, potential partners, and fellow colleagues in the industry.
  4. Action – the startups are able to go further to their next steps efficiently with the help of the partners and mentors involved. Their milestones and processes are achieved in a short amount of time.

“With our partners, we are excited to search for innovative ideas and enterprises which are aligned with our core values and objectives.”

Joel Palma, CEO of WWF Philippines


“We believe that by supporting entrepreneurs in the energy sector, we can slow down climate change.”

Benjamin Abadiano, Chairperson of Peace & Equity Foundation


“As an incubator and with the goal bringing entrepreneurs further, it is inspiring to see [everyone] scaling.”

LizAn Kuster, Co-founder of Impact Hub Manila

Impact in Numbers

53 Applications
3 Ventures awarded
3.6 Mio People
Reach through Media
30.000 Dollars
Total Seed Funding

Partnership Toolkit

Both WWF and Impact Hub are locally-rooted global networks and our partnership is locally driven as well. We’ve compiled this toolkit to make it easier to start collaborations in your country. We hope it serves as a good source of inspiration and encourage you to build a local partnership with Impact Hub that works best in your context.

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