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If the entrepreneurial world is rather new to you or you don’t yet understand what’s in it for WWF, we offer several simple ways to learn more about it, meet relevant people in it and also experience what Impact Hub is actually about.

Impact Hubs are an easy starting point because their co-working space usually hosts many open events and offer many possibilities to meet the impact-driven, entrepreneurial community in your country/city.

Here are some simple ways you can engage via a local Impact Hub: 

  • Have your next team meeting at Impact Hub to bring your conversations into a different environment and free up innovative thinking.
  • Spend a day working at Impact Hub – get a new perspective and new ideas will come to you. The local community manager will show you around and introduce you to members working at Impact Hub.
  • Host a community lunch to casually meet social entrepreneurs and tell them about your work at WWF.
  • Attend an event at Impact Hub and get inspired by some of the great ideas others are working on.
  • If you are travelling, visit a local Impact Hub and get access to the local entrepreneurial community.

Just get in touch with us via the form below and we’ll introduce you to the local Impact Hub team who can help you organizing any of the above. See attached the complete list of Impact Hubs around the world.

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