Explore New Ways of Thinking

Get inspired and think in new ways when designing programs and interventions. Access an environment where it’s safe to test and prototype.

Tap into the wide knowledge sitting in both networks about different innovative methodologies to develop new and sustainable interventions. Within the Impact Hubs you can find a diverse pool of facilitators and innovation process designers who are experienced in all kinds of workshop skills: human-centered design, Theory U, Lean Canvas, Art of Hosting just to name a few. Within WWF you can find a lot of knowledge on various environmental themes that are fundamental when designing environmental programs. There are different ways to benefit from the knowledge of this partnership: 

  1. Thematic workshops that will embrace you in a subject your team wants to learn more about. An Impact Hub team might be interested to learn more about renewable energy or deforestation because they are planning a program with this focus. WWF might be curious to learn more about social innovation, impact investment or impact entrepreneurs.
  2. Look for a facilitator for your next brainstorming session, workshop, event or program. Using an facilitator from Impact Hub will help to approach challenges from a different angle, widen your horizon and use a creative technique to ensure the best use of your collective knowledge when solving problems or creating new initiatives.
  3. Look for a trainer who can teach your team on a tool, an approach or a technique valuable for your work. This way you are building new skills and you will use innovative ways to tackle challenges.

There are a few different options when these skills are needed:

  • Ideation
  • Develop an idea to a prototype 
  • Initial design of a project between Impact Hub and WWF
  • Design of initiatives with other partners
  • Solution Development

If you get in touch with us, we will help you find a local facilitator or process designer that fits your need.

Check out examples of what we’ve done together in the past in the stories below! Especially the Innovators Connect and the Earth Hour City Challenge are great examples.

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